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Shield Fire and Security Systems Ltd are a Sussex based firm who covers from north london to the far south, all the engineers are fully trained to install, maintain and fault find addressable and conventional fire alarm systems. The system design team make sure the systems they design conform to BS5839-1:2013 but meet the needs of the clients and make sure the budget is suitable for the project. All the fire alarm systems supplied can be linked with a digital communicator to call certain numbers upon activation.

A ShieldFS Conventional Fire alarm consists of a main control panel located near the front

door with a number of detectors, sounders and call points located in the building.

When the alarm goes into fire mode the sounders and beacons will sound / flash and the

control panel will give a zone of activation. The fire brigade then looks on a map next to

the panel to locate the relevant detectors. Conventional Fire Alarms are often cheaper than

addressable fire alarms.

Conventional Fire Alarm

Addressable Fire Alarm

An addressable fire alarm is very similar to the conventional style, the difference is that

an addressable fire alarm is more accurate on locating a fire, each device on the system is

given a location. When the alarm is activated the LED screen gives a location of the detector

that has set the system into alarm, this gives the fire brigade a better chance to locate the

fire in time to make a difference.